• Avantgarde Series

    Noblesse Deluxe BlackEdition

    With ultra-soft and 10mm DuraDore® 3D mesh for supreme comfort. Extra comfort is also generated with the 3,5-cm extra seat length and the unique ErgoShell® seating technology.
    A head cushion, adjustable in thickness, is included in the backrest.
    The frame is made with our well-known SpaceBox® technology, using the ultralight Duralite® material and aluminium hinges.

    Folding dimension: 109 x 65 x 13 cm; 87 x 50 x 9 cm

    Reference no.: 101-101 BL / 101-206 BL

    Space saving furniture
    Folds very flat

    Duraprotect Armrest
    The new ergonomically designed armrest made of “Duraprotect” fibres is reinforced with a magnesium alloy slide protector. It offers an easy change of seating positions and a long lasting durability.