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The Avantgarde Series is the ultimate Technology Series of our Company. For all products in the new developed range we combine modern design with the newest materials in fabric and metal. We use our most advanced production technologies.

All metal parts are made of a new developed and patented structure.

The chairs are equipped with an ultra strong but superlight SpaceBox® frame. The Avantgarde range introduces and combines the world exclusive DuraLite® frame, DuraDore® 3D fibre mesh fabric and the brandnew DuraProtect® armrests to create the ultimate outdoor chair. It is a padded chair that is designed to be left out in any weather, to be lighter than all of its rivals and to last longer.

  • Avantgarde Series


    The director's chair is a new addition to the Avantgarde range.

    Used as comfortable chair for guest or as comfort chair, it is the ideal travel companion, for anyone with limited space.

    The stable and very light frame made from aluminum material in combination with the vast seating divide this directors chair from its competitors.

    The ultra-slim design allows transport in even the smallest vehicles.

    Folding dimension: 51 x 72 x 9

    Reference no.: 101-328 CG