• Cross Compact CG

    Cross Compact

    With the new Crossfold Technology Westfield expands its BeSmart serieswith a new, extra compact chair. When folded, it’s not only flat, but also extremely less in height when compared to other chairs on the market. All connection parts and all joints on this chair are strengthened with aluminum. For everyone, who doesn’t want to compromise comfort, while valuing especially small folding length.

    Folding dimension: 88 x 63 x 13 cm

    Reference no.: 301-018 CG

    Small pack size
    Most flat folding version
    DuraDore Soft Touch
    Skinfriendly, breathable, light, fabric easy to clean and quick dry.
    NyloGore Armrest
    Made of fibre protected Nylon, heat and break resistant.